Tuesday, April 09, 2013

How to Pray

For those who keep asking God to teach them how to pray - here's my answer!

How to Pray

Begin your prayer with silence
Resist the urge to speak
Too many words can hamper as
The Father’s face you seek

You need no holy phrases
Or hallowed thees and thous
The spirit stirs the tongue to speak
The words your heart allows

Don’t wait for days of sunshine
Or days of storm and cloud
Your presence is His throne room
Is every day allowed

Remove the masks and make-up
The things you hide behind
God sees the heart within you
Your naked frame designed

Prayer must not be one-sided
For God has things to say
Concerning how you live your life
Before the world each day

Seek out that quiet refuge
Where spirit bows undressed
In sharing joys and sorrows
Your soul finds needful rest

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