Thursday, April 11, 2013


I’ve taken off the prophet
I’m dressed as just a man
Carmel’s lightning
Scorched stones and
The smell of smoke
Were yesterday

The courage I had then
Has abandoned me
The steel has melted
Only fragile glass remains
Fear strips away faith
And I run

I find the rock
That is higher than I
And I wait for the Lord
He speaks not in the wind or the earthquake
Not in fire where we last spoke
But in a gentle whisper

I, only I am left, I say
As if imparting a truth He doesn’t comprehend
He tells me a greater truth
That I am never alone
Seven thousand men
and an army of angels are on my side

He restores the prophet
And repairs the man
The courage and the steel,
His, not mine, are bestowed
He opens my eyes to see
He is always enough

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