Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Independent on Sunday Happy List

This invitation appeared in the Independent of Sunday a week or two ago.

“Our sixth annual Independent on Sunday Happy List is now being prepared, and we're seeking nominations. The Happy List is our antidote to all those rich lists, wealth lists, and celebrity lists, and celebrates 100 people who give back; those who, without thought of personal gain or recognition, make Britain a better, more well-adjusted, and happier place.”

I said to my husband that I would nominate him.  He just grinned, knowing that I say a lot of things that I never always do. 

Here’s my nomination.  I don’t have his permission to go through with the nomination, so it will merely be a blog post.  Those readers who know Joe don’t have my permission to use the material.  Joe hates the limelight and I am not about to thrust him into it – and neither are you!

I would like to nominate my husband, Joseph Kerr, for the 2013 Independent on Sunday Happy List.  Joseph lives in Inverness and works for the Scottish Crofting Commission.  He has worked with the Commission for a number of years and is well respected in the crofting community.  For a while he was responsible for grants and development and was known as the “mannie with the money”.  More recently Joseph has provided legal support for the Crofting Commission and been able to steer the Commission through changes to crofting laws.

There are many people in his work place who have been a part of his team at one time or another.  He is a good manager.  He is able to bring out the best in people.  At times it seems like he collects all the waifs and strays in the workplace.  Under his leadership they feel valued.  Being given good support and training they flourish and many of them move on to promoted posts within the commission or elsewhere.

For a number of years he was the chairperson of his local branch of the PCS.  As a union man he is concerned that those in management positions should respect the the working conditions, pay and pensions of his members.  He is always available to talk with colleagues who need advice or support. 

He is well liked and respected by just about everyone.  He sees the best in people and accepts people for who they are. 

He is a kind and generous person.  Not so long ago he asked me if a lady from his work could stay overnight one day a week.  She was travelling quite a long distance and with recent road works, she was leaving home very early in the morning and getting home very late.  He thought she needed a break.  Sometimes he asks me if we can provide some support for other friends.  We have bought more than a few packs of nappies for strapped-for-cash young mothers.  Yes, the initiative usually comes from him, but as I rub shoulders with him, I am becoming kinder.

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