Saturday, November 30, 2019

This Is Just To Say

I was trawling some of the books on creative writing the other day, looking to find a task to set for the Breathe Writers meeting today. The original poem the book used for the task was “This Is Just To Say” by William Carlos Williams - 1883-1963. I wrote my own short similar kind of poem:-

This is Just To Say

I have just noticed
the scribbles
on the pages of
your passport

you are probably
going to need to
travel to Peru next week

Alfie would apologise
but he hasn’t yet learned to speak
He loves
the colour red

The Task - Imagine you are the owner of the passport. Write a reply. You can write in the same form with the same number of syllables, the same number of lines and line breaks if you wish. Or you can write your reply as a paragraph of 50 words.

My husband has been coming along to the group. He doesn’t claim to be creative but says he comes to support me. He read his reply as a rap:-

I am the bear found on Paddington Station
On Tuesday I return to my Peruvian nation
Alas and alack my young friend Alfred
Decided to colour my passport dark red
It won’t rub off and it won’t erase
But I know Alfie is just going through a phase
I am sure the custom’s officer will be firm but fair
For the photo in the passport is clearly Paddington Bear

My own reply was is a little more predictable:-

My dearest Alfie
the scribbles
on the pages of
my passport

I cannot go
to darkest Peru
next week or anytime soon

I expect an apology
this time next year without fail
For now
please use a pencil

I don't have a copy of Cliff's reply. He decided that Alfie was a dog.

A great time was had by all.

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