Thursday, November 21, 2019

The Legend of the Dragon

We were in Krakow last week staying in a hotel just a fifteen minute walk from Wawil Hill. There's a dragon sculpture at the bottom of the hill that breathes fire every so often. A while ago I wrote a poem based on the legend of the dragon of Wawil Hill:-

They used to say there was a dragon
That slept beneath a hill

Best not to wake it, the people said

So they tip-toed up and down

And they talked in low whispers

It was no way for anyone to live

A crown, a sceptre and the hand of a maid

Drew in brave knights and foolish knaves

Arrows shattered, shields melted

But the dragon prevailed

It’s always the humble that find the answer

Lambskin, sulphur, mustard seed

And a cobbler sews late into the night

A bomb laced snack for a greedy dragon


The town dances with joy

But there’s another dragon

Not beneath a hill

Not sleeping

But dormant in the hearts of men

Best not to wake it

But no one tip-toes by or

Talks in low whispers

Instead they whip up a jealous fury

Fingers pointed

Injustice perceived

Blame assigned to others for their own troubles

Covetous men who will not share

A bomb laced jacket

A white van

Yellow tape around a crime scene

And piles of flowers

And funerals

Where is the humble man and his answer?

(Inspired by The Legend of the Wawel Dragon}

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