Sunday, August 25, 2019

The A to Z of Following Jesus

A recent cretive writing task was to write an alphabet story - twenty six lines, each beginning with a letter of the alphabet, in the right sequence. Our friend, Cliff, went one better:-

Attention to following Jesus in today’s world is extremely important
Believing in what you know and why you live His way helps you in many ways
Confessing your faith to others will be a challenge but it will open doors to all sorts of communication
Doing what God says in His Bible can speak louder than anything you say
Earnestly, 100%, seeking God in all you do could be difficult, but it will prove to others that you are sold out for God
Fuel your life with God’s holy word daily
Go the extra mile for God and for others as God gives you strength daily
Hunger to be filled with God’s Spirit and He will fill you constantly
Ignite the desire in you to keep walking with God every day
Just as Jesus loves you, always forgive others no matter how hard it hurts you
Kick the hate of the world and injustices out of you life with Jesus’ grace
Love always wins and knows no limits
Move with love to shine His mercy to your world
Notice every mercy of God’s love is for you but also for everyone else
Oh, the blood of Jesus washes us whiter than snow
Pace yourself in your walk in life and God’s word so that you do not grow weary and feel like giving up
Quenching in patience and prayer may be wiser than becoming bored and impatient while waiting your turn
Read God’s word often
Seek Him in prayer whenever you need to
Turn your eyes on Jesus and trust Him always
Under God’s arms of love are bags of mercy to wipe away every tear of hurt from life
Value the life of others wherever you go
X is the extra mile and the cross that Jesus died on for you and the world
You are worth more to God than you can imagine
Zeal for God is life changing so never let go of it

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