Friday, August 16, 2019

Shades of Green

I wish oft-times, I wish, I do
That life was all that vibrant green
Of new things spring, and spilling through
Like grass and trees in meadows seen
A promise of a dream fulfilled
The scent of roses by the gate
Peace and joy and love distilled
Now in my palm, no need to wait

My life is more that twisty lane
With summits, dips and hairpin bends
Serenity is swiftly slain
As bile to mouth, the stomach sends
A single track, a passing place
The ditch full flowing, foul and ill
I stand, the cold wind on my face
With unspoiled air my lungs I fill

I sometimes watch with envious eyes
Those that skip and dance through life
Who live beneath the cloudless skies
Avoiding pain, escaping strife
Yet I am carved by sorrow’s pen
To speak a word upon the way
Without my scars, what message then?
What could I truly say?

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