Friday, March 21, 2008

The Scars on My Heart

My ears ache
Dreading to hear the words
You will not say

My will demands
Your silence
And yet pain consumes all will

Just say the words
“Father, save Me..”
And I will rush to Your side

I will rip the nails
Dragging them bloodstained
From Your palms

Gently will I ease away
The twisted thorny crown
From Your brow

I will rock You in my arms
Bestow a tender kiss
And breathe new life into You

Just say the words
“Father, save me..”
And I will

But in saving You
I will condemn to death
A hundred generations of new sons

And so I turn away
And hear You cry
“Why have You forsaken me”

My heart breaks
Because I mustn’t answer
And then it is finished

The scars on Your palms
Are there for all to see
But no one sees the scars on My heart

What if Jesus had called out to God, not "My God, My God, why have you forsaken me?", but "Father, save me!" I don't think that God could have resisted. It is in His nature to save. As much as God the Son went through the agony and pain the cross demanded, God the Father went through the pain of having to witness it and having to restrain himself from interfering.

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