Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Saying it with verse

Do you know how many cards there are to send to someone who has been promoted? None at all! I spent a while scanning the shelves looking for a card for Joe to congratulate him on his promotion. I had to settle for a blank card with a picture of chapagne bottle on it and come up with my own cheerful congratulatory message inside!

I went into a shop today
To buy a card for you
Of “Happy Birthday” “Get Well Soon”
There were more than a few

Giving birth or moving house?
A million cards to choose
For weddings and retirements too
There’s cards to spread the news

Now if you left your job, oh yes
There is a card to buy
But mere promotion to B2
Those cards, they don’t supply

If Hallmark cannot say the words
“Congratulations, Joe”
I’ll write my own inspiring verse
“Well Done! My cute wee beau!”

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