Saturday, April 16, 2005

Spiritual press-ups

I was back at the gym this morning - three times this week! I have a picture of me at my niece's wedding firmly nailed to the wall of my imagination! Slim and sylph like and wafting around elegantly!

I took my swimming cossy with me just in case I could entice myself into the pool. Enticing myself into the pool is the easy bit - pouring myself into the swimming cossy is the challenge! In the end I just stuck with the gym.

Afterwards, seeing as it was early morning I treated myself to a bowl of Kellog's Special K and a cup of tea while reading one of the glossy fitness magazines.

The article that held my interest was about making changes to your life. It began with an inspiring quotation from a writer Dimitri Bilgere.

"The sudden dawning that you want something better is the first step to making that change."

The rest of the article was about making changes. It encouraged you to use your imagination and think about what you would really like to do with your life. Then you were to get down to the practical steps of making changes - learn a foreign language, or enrol in college and learn to make hats for example, change your job through networking. The article assured me that I had at least 30 friendships I could develop. In America most people get into new careers through the people they know rather than through filling in application forms! The article even advised to broaden your experience of life and to learn to appreciate what you have by travelling to different countries. Even just "changing the people around you is enough to make life fulfilling." I wouldn't mind changing some of the people around me - my entire third year classes for a start!

Through all the advice given, nothing was said about the real solution to finding "life in all its fullness". You can change the externals of your life -make lots of hats and learn Japanese, but the problem is much deeper than that. At Living Well there are lots of people getting their physical bodies into shape - me included! That is just one part of who we are! There is a spiritual dimension that sometimes doesn't even get acknowledged.

I almost went up to the reception desk and asked if they were interested in employing a "chaplain". I once read that a shopping centre had a chaplain - so why not a fitness centre? Of course, persuading my pastor, Mark, to take on the job might not prove so easy!

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Mark H said...

Giggle. You'd be surprised what I might be up for!