Saturday, April 09, 2005

God rubbing off onto me

I have been reading I Samuel and have got to the bit where the Israelites demand a king to lead them. Saul is chosen out of all the people, someone who is head and shoulders above everyone else. With the beginning of the monarchy, Samuel as a judge is no longer needed. Then Samuel gives his farewell speech.

You can tell from the way Samuel talks to the people that he has spent a lot of time with God. The grace of God just oozes out of him. He tells them just what having a king will be like and he doesn't pull any punches. He does not paint a bad picture deliberately to put them off, but just tells them the truth. In Deuteronomy there is a passage about the King, and God's instructions for the King - but God and Samuel are realists - the King will not be like that. Samuel tells them that it is something they will regret. He also tells them that God is not happy with the situation. The king isn't going to be able to do anything more for them that God cannot do already.

Then we get the grace - the reminder that even when we make bad choices God doesn't abandon us. There is always forgiveness that comes with repentance. Samuel goes on to say that he will continue to pray for them and continue to teach them - that he won't abandon them either.

It must have been a disappointment to Samuel that the people did not share the same kind of relationship with God that he had. They didn't see God the way that he did. He had not even been able to pass it on to his children.

I have that grace inside that allows people to make their mistakes and that causes me to still care for them and pray for them. I have that grace because I have the Holy Spirit residing within me - but I don't always allow it to flow and colour my actions. Like Samuel, I need to spend my time with God so that his compassion and lvce for people rubs off onto me.

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