Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The hairs on my head

I was reading in Luke 12:7 "Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered." God's knowledge about me is very detailed. I find that quite amazing that all the stuff that God knows about me doesn't put him off loving me.

A year or two ago I cme across Bill Hybell's book "The God You Are Looking For". It is aimed at two different levels. One level is directed towards people who have no knowledge of God at all and introduces them to some of the wonderful attributes of God. The other level is aimed at people who do know God but would like to know him a little deeper. I fell into the latter category.

I can remember some of the books I read a t university becoming very dog-eared with over use. Bill's book has become like that! It is so easy to read and so inspiring. I was so inspired that I adapted it into a series of lessons for Sunday School. Preparing the lessons involved me reading and re-reading his words, and reading and re-reading the scriptures that he used to illustrate things. I grew just as much as the children I was teaching!

The first lesson was based on the truth that God knows everything and I wrote a little song to go with it! Digging out the words and humming the tune is bringing it all back!

My God knows everything
Everything! Everything!
My God knows everything
Everything about me


The freckles on my nose
The bunions on my toes
He's counted the hairs on my head


The words I'm gonna say
The things I'll do today
God knows the thoughts in my head

My God know everything…

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