Sunday, April 17, 2005

Just how wrong can you be?

A couple of weeks ago, Joe and I went for a drive. We had been out to Nairn for brunch and then because the weather wasn't so nice, we went for a drive. In one of the tourist books we had picked up there were a number of car tours. You follow the instructions and see things that you would never just bump into.

Remember the Wolf of Badencoh? That was the day! Three miles on from the Lochindorb was the sign post for Dulsie Bridge. The blurb in the book doesn't tell you what it looks like, so we were looking for a bridge. We have seen some nice bridges in out time. We stopped at a bridge that was beside the road. It was very humped back with a turf top to it. There was no water going under it, the river having been diverted by engineers at a later date perhaps. We took the required amount of photos - me on the bridge, Joe on the bridge, me standing next to the bridge and so on. It was a nice bridge!

Imagine our surprise when a mile down the road we came upon the real Dulsie Bridge! It was even labelled! The road dropped down towards the bridge that spanned a huge chasm, and then climbed up steeply on the other side. It was a real feat of engineering. The two bridges were incomparable - the other must have been an old drover's bridge!

We looked at each other and laughed thinking of the photos we had taken!

If we had not continued with the drive after seeing the old drover's bridge, we would have been none the wiser that there was a real Dulsie Bridge that we had missed. Seeing the real thing, we knew that the other bridge wasn't it.

When we know what the real thing looks like, we realise that what we thought was "it" really wasn't at "it" all. The real thing was much more impressive.

There are a lot of people who think they know what the Christian life is like. When they are confronted with the real thing, it is so much more impressive! There are a lot of people who think they know what God is like. When they are confronted with a real encounter with God, there is no mistaking Him!

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