Sunday, July 21, 2019

Let Me Be Me

Don’t ask me to smooth out the wrinkles on my face
Let me own my years and my history embrace

Don’t ask me to tone down the accent in my voice
Let my words and how I say them always be my choice

Don’t ask me to be pretty, to be slim or to be fit
Let me eat cake, drink wine, and sag a little bit

Don’t ask me to turn vegan and cook only tofu
Let me enjoy bacon, eggs and sausages too

Don’t ask me to wear only smart skirts and high heels
Let me fill up my wardrobe with what to me appeals

Don’t ask me to be fluid in my gender, tastes and views
Let me be trusted to respect life in all its hues

Don’t ask me to be courageous, or keep a stiff upper lip
Let me get up in my own time when I fall or when I trip

Don’t ask me to think that science holds every truth
Let me keep my faith that I’ve lived since my youth

Don’t ask me to abandon all that make me so unique
Let me tread my own path and my own destiny seek

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