Wednesday, June 21, 2017

This Do I Know

Lord, I am crushed, I am ground down like dirt
Day after day, I am wounded and hurt
Fists strike my face and words fracture my heart
Lord, show me mercy, Your aid now impart

My enemies wink, they want me to fall
I’m pushed to my knees but to You I call
Be my strong tower, the place where I hide
The anchor I cling to till troubles subside

What can men do? I have nothing to fear!
Men who conspire, who scoff and who jeer
Lord, in your anger, cast down every foe
Triumph and victory upon me bestow

You know well my path and catch every tear
The praise on my lips You bend down to hear
Of one thing I’m certain. This do I know
That You walk beside me where ever I go

What can men do? I have nothing to fear
God, the Eternal, will always draw near
I offer my life, with its minutes and days
Always to walk in the light of Your ways

(Psalm 56)

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