Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Watch He Keeps

The maker of heaven and earth sees me
And hears my plea
Lost, I cry out and He comes to my aid
His power displayed

Secure I am held in His loving hand
Shielded I stand
He slumbers not, my Saviour never sleeps
A watch He keeps

He lifts His hand to hide me from the sun
A shade is spun
And when the cold moon casts its eerie glow
His peace I know

On battlefields He stands with me
We’re back to back against my foes
I triumph o’er my enemy
Defeated now no threat to pose

He watches over all my days
The sweat of work, the still of rest
He teaches me His gentle ways
His life in me each day expressed

Today, tomorrow - Hs promised word
A covenant He’s made with me
Throughout the heavens and earth it’s heard
Beside me He will always be

(Psalm 121)

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