Monday, September 09, 2019

Not Too Big At All

I think this is a task too big for me

Not something He pulled from a hat - not a random pulling the short straw          

Something assigned to me          

To bring good news to the poor - good news in a bad news world

Not the story of a cat rescued from a tree - heart warming to raise a smile

This good news repairs a broken heart   

This good news opens prison doors - and there are all kinds of prisons

And all doors open

This good news cancels debts owed not to banks and building societies  

or to the loan shark flanked by bouncers and dogs with studded collars

God has declared an amnesty - nothing owed to Him

All the bad done and the good left undoneforgiven              

He pays the debt himself

He tells me that my shoulders are for you to weep upon

He tells me that I speak so you will be comforted

You hold ashes - I swap them for a beautiful crown

Your tears of sorrow?  I make them my own

My laughter and joy? I make them yours           

The victory and joy He wrapped me in? - I share with you

He takes away my unhappiness so I  can take away yours

The towering tree that you are? I help you grow tall

You are to stand for what is right and I am to show you how

God plants you and me to show His splendour

The places, the ancient ruins, ages old, ash and debris left untouched?

This is my task, the task I think too big for me – to build them new

“Not too big at all,” He says as He pours His Spirit on me

Isaiah 61:1-4)

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