Monday, March 19, 2018


More than my height, my width, my weight
The parts I adore and the bits I hate
More than the frame of skin and bone
The knees that grind, the joints that moan
I’m more

More than the steady beat of my heart
The blood that flows life to impart
More than the scars that mark my skin
And the injury that’s deep within
I’m more

More than my thoughts, intentions, will
Secret desires unchecked that spill
More than the words tossed from my tongue
Some that healed and othes that stung
I'm more

More than the gifts that I possess
Love and rage, my soul express
More than my fears, the things I dread
The dreams once real that now seem dead
I’m more

I’m more than what your eyes can see
For God Almighty dwells in me
He adds Himself to all I am
And carries high this tiny lamb
I’m more


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