Monday, July 31, 2017

God of Victory

Rise up, Oh God, yourself reveal
Let all your foes before you kneel
Let them like breath be blown away
Like wax be burned in fire’s fray

Let those who love You celebrate
Sing songs of joy to God so Great
Who breaks through bars, sets captives free
Makes lame men walk and blind men see

Who holds the fragile in His hand
And walks with us through barren land
Who soaks the ground with needed rain
So life anew can thrive again

Who speaks His word to those cast down
Who’ve lost their joy, in sorrows drown
“The enemy is put to flight
Shrug off your fears, embrace the light”

Who then unveils His dwelling place
His mercy seat, His wondrous grace
God in our midst, triumphant He
Sits crowned through all eternity

Our King has come, He’s drawing near
His song of victory now we hear
We sing, we dance with hearts ablaze
Our lips declaring highest praise

(Psalm 68)

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