Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Parable of the Powerful

For I was hungry
and you pushed up food prices
looking for ever increasing profits
You pointed me to a food bank
and gave me vouchers
leaving me feeling inadequate

I was thirsty
and you offered me
flexible ways to pay my water bill
When I couldn’t pay
and didn’t meet the requirements of your help scheme
you sent in the bailiffs

I was a stranger
given a number rather than a name
You never asked the right questions
in all the interviews I attended
You kept a file on me
you didn’t read

I needed clothes
and you sneered because I wore no designer labels
I knew all about the sweatshops in Asia
and made guilt an accessory
I darned holes in my socks
but couldn’t repair the one in my conscience

I was sick
and you took away my disability pension
assessing me as fit for work
You did your test on a good day
ignoring the bad days
and the doctor’s letter

I was in prison
Where else did you think I would end up?


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