Saturday, August 24, 2013

His Breath In Me

There was a time
A time when He
With His breath
Stirred life in me

Held in his hand
He shaped my form
This piece of clay
So smooth and warm

His breath in me
My lungs to fill
Throughout my frame
His life to spill

His breath in me
Life’s span to start
To wake my soul
Ignite my heart

So soft His kiss
His lips on mine
His breath in me
To us entwine

His breath in me
Is righteousness
His tender heart
Mine to express

My firstborn breath
Was His in me
As eyes beheld
His majesty

His face so dear
Drew close to me
His love so clear
Was there to see

His breath in me
Creation’s song
Sang heaven’s truth
That I belong

His image carved
So deep in me
Amazing grace
That is should be

This gift bestowed
His breath in me
Without His breath
I would not be

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