Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dipping Into "Wider Than..."

 My ebook "Wider Than The Corners Of This World" has received its first review:- 

To say that I love this book, "Wider than the Corners of This World," would be a British understatement. I thought at first it was just the abab rhyming poetry of Kerr's that was best, then I read again poems such as "A Mountain Mover". Her use of imagery has a clarity that is refreshing without trying to claw at your heart. She seems to write poetry with no hidden agenda. She tells a story, writes about a challenge or a feeling and while you may in turn have a response that involves an emotion she isn't trying to "make you" feel something. You just do.

While I like poetry, I have to say it is a rare poet that makes me download her work to my kindle; and this I have done for this book. I want to dip into these poems and savor the words daily.

What a delicious treat to have such satisfying poetry all in one book. You cannot speed read through poem after poem. You take time to process what you have read and meditate. "A Glorious Fire" is just one of the poems that stands out, telling a story in a way never, ever heard before. I could go on and on, listing poems that I now use for a daily devotional and read aloud to my prayer group; but it would simply sound like the table of contents and I highly recommend you read them for yourself.

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