Friday, May 03, 2013

Traces Left Behind

It’s been a precious privilege
To walk this road with you
To be more than a witness
Of the journey we’ve been through

So many traces left behind
That tell where we have been
A host of pictures, photographs
A trail of all we’ve seen

You’ll see me in the colours of
The knitted things I’ve made
A hundred “Humpty-Dumpties” with
My love in them displayed

You’ll taste me in the slices of
The warm banana cake
In every stew and casserole
And meal I used to make

You’ll run with me in every game
Of rounders in the field
Our endless fun with bat and ball
Delight and joy revealed

I’ll be there in the fragrance of
Those clean and pine fresh smells
Remember the assembling of
Those plastic turtle shells

Hear me in the laughter of a
Child bounced on a knee
And know that all are cherished in
My precious family

In each of you my legacy
Lives on in myriald ways
So meet together, talk and share
Throughout the coming days

My journey has not ended
It’s really just begun
The tears, the pain, the sorrows –
Of all those things I’m done

My life is with my Father
Held safe in His embrace
His is the crown awarded me
For finishing my race

Celebrating the life of Eileen Fox 1934-2013

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