Sunday, July 19, 2009

Uniquely Me

As if I actually needed any more books, but there was a sale on! Books that had begun their shelf life at a respectable £7 or £8 were now on offer for a lot less. Sticky labels, one on top of the other marked the gradual drop down in price until it reached ridiculous, pocket change numbers. I guess they are just not the flavour of the month in terms of authors or subject matter.

One of the books, “Devotion – a Raw-Truth Journal on Following Jesus” is a month’s supply of devotions looking at the character traits of the disciples. I picked it up this morning to test drive the first day.

The opening chapter was all about being aliens and sojourners in this world. As Christians our values are not the same as the world’s and we are somehow out of step in our thinking. We are the odd ones out, or rather we should be, but all too often we are indistinguishable. We don’t always like to be different.

Today’s Top Ten encouraged me to write a list of things that make me different from everyone else.

1. I have my own unique history – no on else has lived my life
2. My relationship to God is uniquely mine
3. My fingerprints are different
4. My reactions to situations are different
5. I have my own cocktail of strengths and weaknesses
6. The prescription for my lenses are unique to me – my glasses are useless to anyone else but me
7. My DNA is individual
8. The particular combination of things I like and don’t like is different
9. The freckles and moles that mark my body are not like anyone else’s
10. The gifts and talents God has given me, and the opportunities to use them are different.

I could have written that I look different from anyone else, but that isn’t really true. There is the well known idea that we all have a “twin” somewhere in the world. Mine happens to live in Northampton-shire and, although not an actual twin, my sister and I do get mistaken for one another.

Every snowdrop is unique. God made them unique. I am unique. God made me unique. It’s time to enjoy my uniqueness!

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