Saturday, April 04, 2009


Seems to me that there should be some law against it! Yes, we can all see the sense in digging out the lawn mower, weeding the borders and putting in a few hardy perennials in celebration of spring and in anticipation of the summer – when it’s a sunny day. We’ve all been there. We have perhaps tackled a little bit too much, a little bit too enthusiastically and no doubt ache a little in places we didn’t ache in before.

Our next door neighbour, however, is taking things a little too far. On our way out to pop around to put on our Grand National bets, our neighbour was rigged out in yellow waterproof jacket, braving the downpour to dig out the borders of his garden. Too much, mate. Too much.

As my husband said, climbing into the car, “That man would probably be a suicide bomber if he was a Muslim in Iran.”

I thought the comparison to be very apt. This is not to say that all Muslims living in Iran are suicide bombers…just that our neighbour is a very earnest about the appearance of his garden!

The more likely scenario is that he has had a busy week, that is part of a busy month and even if it is raining, he has to do the garden because otherwise it won’t get done.

Me…I don’t think that way. Even if it was sunny, I would probably have a zillion other interesting or urgent things to do, and the garden still wouldn’t get done!

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