Friday, April 04, 2008

Best Laid Plans

According to the route worked out by the AA on their rout planner website the journey to my sister’s house in Northampton should have taken just over twenty five minutes. It was really only the last five minutes that we lost it. The instructions said “At roundabout take the 2nd exit onto the A4500”. Maybe the AA man who made up the route didn’t know about the road works. There were too many traffic bollards and not enough road signs and we ended up in the centre of town, with the market on just to our right and a church just behind us.

We had a mobile phone and a phone number. My brother in law rattled off a list of instructions over the phone. It included things like “There will be a brewery on the left” and “Drive past Asda on the right”. Needless to say we got lost again and ended up in a Netto car-park. My husband was getting tetchy in the passenger seat and my mother, in the back, on the verge of a diabetic hypo, was humming loudly to stop herself stressing out!

“No more instructions! Just come and find us!” was the next phone call, which he did. Following someone is not easy.

My husband was looking at the defunct AA plan, trying to match up where we were going with the instructions on the print out.

“None of these roads are mentioned,” he informed me. It did seem a very long journey and not just the five minutes we expected.

We finally pulled up in front of a house neither of us had seen before.

Yep, they had moved house. My sister was rolling about in merriment, quite tickled with the idea that if we had not got lost we would have been knocking on the door of a house currently owned by a pleasant Asian couple!

On the way home, my mother and my husband discussed the virtues of buying a satellite navigation system!

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