Wednesday, March 30, 2005

An "Egg"traordinary Tale

This morning while I was delivering Joe to work, I was listening to a talk radio station complaining about seagulls. Apparently they (?) are campaigning for a law to fine people if they feed seagulls. It encourages the seagulls to hang about the city streets and make nests on the flat roofs of some buildings, when they should be by the beach eating fish.

Thinking about seagulls and nests on flat roofed buildings, it brought to mind something from a few years back. It actually had nothing to do with either seagulls or flat roofed buildings.

As a church we used to meet in a hotel building in the centre of the town. The room that we used had a window that took up the whole side of one wall. The window gave us a good view of the shopping street below. It also gave the shoppers below a good view of us! Watching us as we clapped hands and swayed from side to side, never developed into coming up the stairs to get a better view!

Directly opposite were the windows and the window ledges of a solicitor's office. One morning we had a visiting speaker from Glasgow. I guess in Glasgow they do not worship with their eyes closed! He watched as a pigeon landed on the window ledge of the solicitor's office and laid an egg. There was no nest, just the plain concrete window ledge and the pigeon just laid its egg and flew off. How irresponsible is that?

Yesterday in my walk in the forest I came across two or three smashed eggs. I don't think they were the hen variety. I can just imagine the hard work of the parent birds to make the nest and line it with moss before the eggs were laid. Maybe the nest wasn't secure enough, or some nasty cuckoo elbowed their precious egg out of the way to make way for an impostor egg. At least they had a nest and didn't just lay the egg on an empty branch!

God does not plant the seeds of His dreams and plans into our lives like the pigeon that lays its egg on a window ledge. He builds a nest with His Word and lines it with His promises. Our faith secures the nest and our alertness to the enemy protects the new life He births within us.

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brooklet said...

The seeds of God's dreams planted within the nest of His word....what a beautiful image. I will carry it with me today. And everyday I see a broken egg, I will remember God's dreams planted in me!

Maybe I ought to have eggs for breakfast everyday...that way, I'd never forget.