Sunday, March 22, 2020

God's Pockets

Yesterday the Breathe Writers met. Before you start tut-tutting about self-isolation and social distancing – there were just three of us and there were no hugs and we sat well apart in our front room. I appreciate that all the rules are there for our protection and I also appreciate that there isn’t a lot of wriggle room – but as yet, it is advice and not yet law. “Sensible” is the word that is being bandied about and we met that criteria.

The poem “Ten Things Found in a Shipwrecked Sailor's Pocket” - by Ian McMillan has probably been done to death as far as creative writing prompts go. Change the shipwrecked sailor to a hairdresser, an astronaut or a farmer and you have endless permutations of what can be found in pockets.

If God wore a jacket that had pockets, make a list of ten items that might be found in them:-

My List – note that I resisted the urge to make anything rhyme!

The first star that ever fell
A blood-stained nail
A fist full of music notes
A tooth from Jonah’s whale
A handkerchief that Paul prayed over
A letter from Charlotte asking for blue eyes
A little black book full of empty pages
A cure for cancer
Six hours of silence for a very dark day

My husband’s List – he was thinking about what men might carry in their pockets.

A very small version of the Book of Life
A photo of “My beloved child” (which miraculously transforms so every believer can see themselves when He shows it to them
A wallet that contains an infinite amount of blessings
A comb – Jesus has long hair and a neat parting in most of the pictures
A pen for adding names to the book of life
A handkerchief for mourning the things that break His heart
A swiss army knife = because every prayer can have a different solution
A mobile phone because everyone else has got one
A watch because He knows the day, the hour, the minute and the second
A slice of mystery – He chooses who and when to reveal it to

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