Saturday, February 01, 2020

Things that "Spring" to Mind

Breathe Writers met today. There were just the two of us, my husband and I. The first task was writing about Spring and the things that come to mind.

His List

·         The Cheltenham Festival which is usually the second week in March and the Grand National which is usually the first week in April.
·         T. S. Elliot who described April as the cruellest month in the wasteland.
·         Holy Week and Easter, Good Friday and the Resurrection.
·         The SPL top six split and the beginning of the final run in to the league title.
·         Endings and new beginnings.
·         The Annual Report and individual’s appraisals
·         The end of one tax year and the beginning of another
·         A pay rise (but it usually has to be backdated)
·         The resolve to get an Irish passport – responding to the “green shoots rising from the poem)
·         Mel’s birthday - I get to be a toy boy for six months. Two years younger is not enough to be a toy boy.

My List

·         Snowdrops and daffodils – (to quote the first line of a Eurovision song)
·         Spring forward – the clock’s changing
·         The lemon fresh smell of a spring clean – not the actual spring-cleaning process
·         The nest-building and egg-laying of birds
·         Buds on trees
·         Lent and the lead up to Easter
·         Cypriot flaounas and dying eggs for Easter
·         Lambs in fields
·         Mornings and evenings getting lighter
·         The light and refreshing little April showers

What’s on your list?

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