Monday, December 17, 2018

O Sapientia (O Wisdom)

December 17 is the first day of the "O" Antiphons, an ancient part of Christian liturgy.  It dates back to the fourth century. There's one for each day until Christmas Eve. The antiphons describe Christ using seven Messianic titles. They are based on the Old Testament prophecies and types of Christ. The first one is O Sapientia (O Wisdom).

This sonnet was written last year. At the time I was reading Malcolm Guite's advent poetry book "Waiting on the Word". Here is my version of an O Sapientia sonnet.

Our greatest folly is to close the ear
To wisdom’s voice when she reveals the way
And say that ancient paths have had their day
We choose what we think wise, what we hold dear
Yet at the city gate she makes her call
Spreads out her feast, invites us all to eat
Wisdom so rich it makes a man complete
The flush, the broke, the tramp, the king, us all

Come wisdom draw us from our broken wells
From fallen human truth where error dwells
Come wisdom pour on us a cleaner word
That cuts to bone and marrow all we’ve heard
Fill and spill in us ‘til we overflow
And your sweet way in us we thereby show

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