Sunday, April 01, 2018

Resurrection Morning

I thought the colour and sound
The texture and taste of the world
Would be less

I thought the sun would crawl above the horizon
Dressed in mourning robes
Yet she strides in radiant garments
Burning bright

I thought there would be silence
But the wind chases a melody through the trees
Birds chatter and sing
In noisy celebration

I thought this morning would be different
Because You are not here
Friday’s horror
Changed everything

How can the world be as it was?
Creation cast out The Creator
And silenced the Word that
Nourished all

But the world isn’t as it was
The fragrance of Eden
Before she fell
Is in the air

The cord of sin and death
That binds creation
And ties her into the cycle of decay
Has been severed

Nature sees the promise kept
She stands on tiptoe
Holds her breath and waits
For man to awaken

Eden’s crimes are forgiven
God sweeps away what’s broken
And invites me to step into
Something new

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