Monday, May 22, 2017

The Stranger

I forgot to be the stranger
And made the world my friend
I let it plant its seeds in me
Its ways within me wend

Another home I used to have
A somewhere-else to be
A longing buried deep inside
That used to call to me

Another path I used to walk
Secure beneath my feet
Another song was on my lips
A melody so sweet

Times past the world had nothing
That I would want to claim
Nothing that would slake my thirst
No zeal to stir my flame

Yet I have laid foundations here
I’ve built a solid home
Forgot that I’m a sojourner
That I was born to roam

My shelter should be just a tent
Not solid walls and floor
And You are all that I should need
Not trinkets, toys and more

Remind me I’m a vapour
A mist that’s breathed and spent
Only in Your presence can
I ever be content

Fix my ears to hear Your voice
My eyes to seek Your face
Cause my heart to beat like Yours
Eternal God of Grace

(Psalm 39:4-7)

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