Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Name Him Great

These hours, these days so full of tears
These weeks, these months, these barren years
Nothing green and vibrant growing
No seeds in hand for harvest sowing
In the turmoil God meets our fears

Times when locusts fall like rain
Destroying wine and oil and grain
Scaling walls and breaking through
Snatching all we’re clinging to
God, in love, restores us again

These things that injure, God permits
The hostile place that snarls and spits
Such times convinced we’re cut adrift
He grasps our hand, to rescue, lift
Sovereign on His throne He sits

The Lord, extravagant in grace
Bids us turn to find His face
“Come rend your heart, return to me
Surrender now and bow the knee”
Of enemies no hint or trace

We raise our hands to celebrate
We lift our voices, name Him great
Restoring fruit, lush meadows green
God’s fingerprint so clearly seen
On Him, our faithful God, we wait

(Joel 2:1-24)

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