Saturday, July 23, 2016

Written on Your Palm

Lord, I ask
I beseech and plead
Show me Your palm
Outstretched and open
Let me see my name
Written for all eternity
Let me gently trace
Each letter
With my trembling fingers
My name
Carved with love
Cut into flesh
By the nails on the cross
And stained crimson
By the blood of Your Son
My own name
Written on your palm

For I have forgotten
And need reminding
That You love me
That the trials that I face
Are light and momentary
That the yoke on my shoulders
Is not so heavy
That the silence between us
Will soon be broken
By a gentle word
That soon
I will be lost
In Your strong embrace

Cloud my eyes
So that I cannot see
So I must feel
My name
Written on Your palm

Precious child
Which name is mine?

I hear Your whisper
“All are yours.”

© Melanie Kerr 2007

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