Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The Boy with the Flame Red Hair

She wakes to laughter, love and song
And peers through leaves – a happy throng
That stops, share poems, moves along
So confident that they belong

They glimpse her but see other things
Like butterflies, not fairy wings
She rises, dances, lightly springs
From twig to branch and softly sings

She sees him, fiddle in his hand
As men and women, children stand
Beneath an oak its branches spanned
And feel the magic of the land

She loves the boy with flame red hair
His grace and youth beyond compare
A life together could they share?
He doesn’t even know she’s there

She thinks to conjure up a spell
To draw him to her side to dwell
A love for her his heart compel
All thoughts of other worlds expel

But fairies almost never stay
It’s just part of the fairy way
To love a while and then to stray
She blows a kiss and turns away

Their journey through the woodland weaves
Stroking bark and catching leaves
A dry stick tossed a dog retrieves
And peace of heart each one receives

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