Saturday, March 05, 2016

A Poetry Callenge

The book is “Ordinary Genius: A Guide of the Poet Within” by Kim Addonizio.

The page number is page 45.

The exercise is as follows:-

·         Choose a contemporary poem, or two, that you really like.

·         Make a list of all the nouns in the poem(s).

·         Make a list of all the verbs.

·         Make a list of all the adjectives.

·         Choose six nouns, five verbs and three adjectives.

·         Use five of the nouns, all five verbs and the three adjectives to create a poem of your own adding your own words as necessary.

·         The sixth noun is the title of your poem.

·         Try to copy the rhythm of one of the poems you used.

The poem I chose was “How I talk to God” by Kelly Belmonte.

The poem I created – I won’t bother listing the nouns, verbs and adjectives I selected.  See if you can spot them!  My heading isn’t one of the nouns and I didn’t stick to her rhythm either, but I like the end result.


Always I was free
To step away from the cross
I could have listened
To the chatter of the world
Left Calvary alone
Listed all the reasons why
You were hard to love
But I saw your open wound
Heard your cry for peace
Touched the brokenness and knew
Your ache to connect
I walked on a troubled sea
To rescue you once
Another storm draws near but
I will keep you safe
I give you My word

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