Monday, November 17, 2014


I am the filthy leper
I stumble and I kneel
Before the man of power and
Ask for words that heal

Too long have I have inhabited
This damaged, broken shell
The locust years eroding
All hope that I’d be well

His touch so unexpected
I yield to His embrace
I'm lifted from my mire
To gaze upon His face

My shroud of sickness loosens
And from my shoulder slips
The heart once dead within me
It stirs, it leaps, it skips

Gone are the red raw blisters
And gone the weeping sores
He speaks and heaven answers
My fractured frame restores

I’ve never known such wholeness
A new life has begun
And I will ever sing my praise
For all this man has done

My sin I wore as leprosy with
Wounds upon my skin
Yours perhaps not visible but
Hidden deep within

It’s time to stop your stumbling
And at His feet to fall
The wholeness He bestowed on me -
His touch is there for all

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