Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Grown-up Faith

I let another speak for me
And think somehow his words must be
More balanced, thoughtful, wise and true
My own, naïve and will not do

I let another set my mind
And follow in his footsteps blind
Refuse to measure, weigh each word
But swallow whole, the things I’ve heard

I let another tell me how
To choose those things I should allow
All actions labelled, nought to guess
All the “answers” I possess

I let another fix my gaze
A lens to see through worldly haze
A compass pointing always “true”
A formula to see me through

But when these “answers” will not fit
On formulae I cannot sit
What then? How will I win the day?
Or will I fall and fade away?

My faith, my own, “grown-up” must be
If I’m to sail the open sea
The time for milk has had its day
A time for growth now comes my way

My words, my thoughts, the way I feel
The man in me these things reveal
And so I choose to put away
The childish things of yesterday


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