Saturday, March 22, 2014

Recent Reviews of "Wider Than..."

There are a couple of more recent reviews of my poetry book posted on Amazon.

Refreshing  (March 22, 2014)
By Dee 

“Wider Than The Corners Of This World” is a wonderful collection of poems written from the heart. The author, Melanie Kerr, shares her understanding and belief of a loving Savior.

Kerr's poetry, though simple, is drawn from Bible verses and tells familiar stories in a refreshing way while delivering a powerful message showing how Jesus Christ touched and continues to touch various lives.

This book makes you reflect on the love of the Father through His Son and the joy of sharing in this great love. Anyone who enjoys good poetry will love it.

Beholden ( January 22, 2014)
By tranz4md 

Melanie Kerr's “Wider Than The Corners Of This World” is a beautiful collection of poems from a heart I sensed is beholden. The love for her Savior, the need for His touch, and the overwhelming gratitude for His presence is evidenced throughout her poetry.

I decided to write down a couple of titles that I enjoyed the most and to expound mostly on those in this review, but as I continued reading the list grew longer and longer.

She shows the reader many different lives that were touched by Jesus of Nazareth while also showing how we have been touched or can be touched by the same One.

I too am beholden to the King! If you love poetry with a strong and powerful message than you'll love “Wider Than The Corners Of This World”!

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