Monday, February 24, 2014

Blind Stumbling

I have reached the end
No more paths to follow
or white rabbits to chase
My disquiet drives me towards
a cliff edge and
a steep fall

There is an Answer
Not to be gleaned from the pages of
a self-help manual
or tasted in the pure white spheres of bliss
contained in the medicine bottle
But I am broken
and stand in darkness
feeling myself unravelled
and fragmented
God is here but I am lost
Troubles that should push me
headlong into the shadow of His wings
confine me in a lonely embrace
Guilt rides on dark thoughts
exerting a biting whip

He shouts to me
bidding my surrender
not to circumstances but to His sovereignty
His finger of infinite gentleness
smears a healing word over my eyes
All blindness dissipates as
His light burns away my haze

My eyes are open
to the way ahead
A narrow path perhaps
but well-trod
The cliff edge I imagined
was never there

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