Sunday, September 08, 2013

A Sprinkling of God Moments

May my conversations be significant,
May my meetings be blessed,
May my path cross the paths of others who love You.
May my path cross the paths of others who don’t know You.
May my touch be Your touch of infinite gentleness,
May my words be Your words of wisdom,
May my eyes see with Your compassion

The words come from a prayer card.  A box of them litters the coffee table in the front room.  They don’t replace my prayers, but they often stir my spirit and kick me away from using the same words and the same phrases in my own prayers.

It was the end of the day and I took the card from the box and began reading it through.  Had it been a series of questions designed to test the quality of my day to day interaction with people – I would have failed miserable.

Were my conversations significant?  Not really. 

My meetings blessed? Not really.

Did my path cross the paths of others who love God?  It’s quite possible, but there was no out and out confirmation. 

And so it went on.  As I sat reading through each individual line, looking back over my day, there really wasn’t anything I could put my hand up to and say that I did it. 

The thing is – I hadn’t read it at the start of the day.  This was an end of day, sitting down with a cup of tea.  How much different the day might have been if I had begun the day with the prayer and had the lines of it running through my head with each meeting and each conversation. 

I decided to make it the prayer for the next day.  I read it along with my quiet time stuff, and prayerfully considered each line.  I tucked it away in a pocket, retrieving it at work and setting in on my desk. 

Were my conversations significant?  Yes, they were.  I was mindful not just of what I was saying, but also the way I said things.  I was also careful about what I didn’t say.  I had a conversation with one person about the nature of trust.  We all have those experiences when we have been let down by people, or they have failed to measure up to the challenge we have presented.  Sometimes it’s not just others we don’t trust but it’s ourselves.  I tried to say to the person that God is the one I trust above all others. 

Were my meetings blessed?  Because I was being so mindful of my words and the way I spoke to people it made for a much more relaxed place to be. 

Did my path cross the paths of others who love God? Absolutely, yes!  There is someone at work who has always been very kind ad supportive to me through some of the difficult times.  She has been through her own difficult times, but not had the benefit of a faith walk with God to support her.  She shared with me that over the summer she came to know Jesus.  We prayed together.  I liked the way that her new faith was expressed so confidently. 

My walk with God, if it is to be the best walk, isn’t something that accidentally happens.  If I want my touch to be God’s touch of infinite gentleness, or the words I speak to be God’s words of wisdom, it cannot be just by chance that it occurs. There are things that have all the appearance of chance and randomness – but from God’s perspective they rarely are.

God wants to trust me that when my path crosses the paths of those that don’t know Him I am equipped and ready for the encounter.  We should be walking in expectation that there are God moments sprinkled throughout our days.

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