Tuesday, July 02, 2013


I have watched more than the usual games of tennis this year.  I have watched more girly matches in particular.  They have been quiet matches - no squealing.  Laura did a good job to get as far in the tournament as she did.  She certainly didn't give up with a fight.  As for the other British girls, we have come to expect the first round massacre.  And then comes the inevitable autopsy.  Here's my take on it all.

I did not win the match because
I played on court eleven
Without the swift, sharp Hawkeye gaze
It was not tennis heaven
Those times they said the ball was out
I knew it hit the line
And when Lipinski’s serve was long
They said that it was fine

I did not win the match because
The grass was slightly wet
I slipped and missed a tie break point
Lipinski took the set
The match was then suspended as
A sudden summer shower
Brought covers on and brollies out
The rain fell for an hour

I did not win the match because
My knee was strapped up tight
My trainer had massaged the joints
But things were not quite right
Lipinski hit the ball so hard
To corners of the court
Eagerly I chased each ball
My drop shots fell far short

I did not win the match because
The draw was very cruel
Lipinski as the rising star
Made for an unfair duel
The winner of the “French” last year
She stood full seven feet tall
And with her repertoire of shots
I had no chance at all

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