Thursday, June 02, 2011

The Grrr Inside of Me

The Grrr that lives inside me is
A nasty, horrid beast
And all it takes is anger for
The Grrr to be released

Sometimes the Grrr is sleeping
But then one day he wakes
A pushchair banged against the legs
Is sometimes all it takes

At once the Grrr is hissing
He snarls and sometimes snaps
And if he gets to close to you
He reaches out and slaps

The Grrr has such a vast array
Of words he’s dipped in rage
He daubs it on a person’s heart
Like words upon a page

He’s very rarely sorry
For anything he’s done
And if the Grrr is challenged says
T’was only harmless fun

The Grrr is always ready
Whatever time or place
To be there in an instant
And show his ugly face

I wish that someone stronger than
The Grrr would rescue me
I’ve heard that there is such a man
The man from Galilee

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