Saturday, August 08, 2009

Let Daddy Deal With It

One of my nieces has just posted up a rant, for want of a better word, on her facebook page. It’s the summer break from her university course, and I suppose that seeing as she is not using her room, the landlord has rented it out to someone else. However, she had paid August’s rent. It turns out that the July tennants are still there although they were meant to leave at the end of the month. My niece is paying her landlord for someone else to be in her she’s not happy.

Her post ended with the words “I don’t know what to do:( xxx”

My adivce was to ask the landlord for a refund!

Sometimes I forget how not everyone is as old and cantackerous as I am. I have no hestitation in recognising those times when someone has stamped on what I think are my rights. Some people call it assertiveness. At times I have it in bucketloads!

My niece’s response to aksing for the refund was “daddy's gonna call up and have a go”.

“What?” thought I. “Fight your own battles, girl!”

Quick as a lightning flash, the Holy Spirit spoke.

“Why don’t you let ‘Daddy’ call up and have a go?”

I have been in too many battles over the last few months – not with landlords and rent refunds. My battles have been the spiritual ones. They have been about how to hold on to joy in the midst of so much pain, or how to hold on to hope in the midst of so much suffering. I had thought it was all about being strong and not letting go.

I see now that perhaps it is not about that at all. It is about stepping to one side and letting my heavenly “Daddy call up and have a go.”

Let Daddy deal with it!

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Flyawaynet said...

Long time reader - though I rarely, maybe even never, comment. I just saw this post and reading along I thought exactly the same thing "Fight your own battles girl!" that quick word you received from the Holy Spirit spoke to me as well.

Thank you especially for this post.