Sunday, August 24, 2008

Telling it Like it Isn't

I am sure that we have all rented out duff DVDs in our time. Included on our list is “Sands of the Sahara”. I have no idea what the story line was all about as it’s so long ago now, but I remember my husband thinking that in a previous existence it might have been a mini series, and then edited down to film sized length. There was a lack of continuity.

Another on the list is “Night Train to Venis”. I think it was supposed to be a spy thriller – it certainly sounds like it, doesn’t it. I can’t tell you that much about it as I only watched the first fifteen minutes. The dialogue and the acting were not great.

A third DVD made the list a couple of nights ago. The blurb on the back of “Virgin Territory” sold it as a romance with a bit of swash and buckle. The princess is in trouble, the villain takes advantage and the hero from the wrong side of town arrives on his dashing steed, sword in hand to save the day. It wasn’t heavy. Just fluff – what you are looking for to chill out and leave your brain soaking in a glass of lemonade.

What we should have looked at was the small print on the back that tells you things about the amount of violence, swear words and references of a sexual nature. No violence – which is surprising as the two men in the picture on the front were definitely wielding swords! No swear words either! Ah! There is was “frequent references of a sexual nature!” We should have read that bit! The “Virgin” bit of the title should also have offered us a clue.

If ever there was a film where the blurb on the back cover bore absolutely no relation to the action – this was that film. The characters were all there – the princess, the hero and the villain. They just didn’t follow the usual story book protocol. It was all too “adult” for me and I switched it off and watched the round up of the Olympics instead.

I felt robbed of a good night, curled up on the sofa, drinking lemonade and snuggling up. I was robbed of a feel good, happy ending where good triumphs over evil – that might have been the ending, but getting to it was more than I could stomach.

The words on the back of the cover promised much but failed to deliver!

So much in life promises much but fails to deliver!

Not so with God! He makes no promises that He doesn’t deliver!

“By faith Abraham…was enabled to become a father because he considered him faithful who had made the promise.” Hebrews 11:11

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