Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Flat batteries

Apparently I have done it again – left the car lights on and drained the battery. However, because the car is parked outside the house, and not a quarter of a mile away, the AA can’t help me. I did consider whether it was feasible to push the car for a quarter of a mile just so it qualified for assistance – but getting myself, let alone the car, a quarter of a mile away from the house is a challenge!

Actually I am not sure who has the flattest battery – me or the car! Joe spent the latter part of the week coughing and spluttering everywhere. Doing my Florence Nightingale impersonation was enough for me to catch the cold. I am a bit bunged up and my brain is slowly turning to mush. I admit that I don’t fight these things off, or put up much resistance. I pretty much roll over and surrender. One or two days off school has its attractions.

The trouble is that all the nice things I think I will do during those two days – like catch up with some writing, or reading a book or making in-roads into the ironing pile just don’t happen because I feel too unwell!

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Mark H said...

Hope you're soon feeling better.

The car problem is a great opportunity to ask for the help of a neighbour, and get to know them better. Guys love to be asked for help!

(I'm not saying "don't ask me"! I'll come round quite happily if necessary. But so often we deny ourselves the opportunity of developing community on our own door step when we're in need of assistance.)