Monday, March 13, 2006

Behind a locked door

Having been a member of Faithwriters,com for quite a while now, I have notched up a number of entries in their weekly challenges. Just lately, if I don't have the inspiration, I just give the week a miss. I thought this was one of those weeks. The topic was "Lock" and I was mulling it over in my mind. The whole week has been rather busy - I am determined to prepare properly for the third year reports coming out shortly. Sunday was packed full with the church meeting, the fellowship lunch afterwards and a chance to catch up with friends we hadn't seen for a while. By Sunday evening I had nothing to submit.

At lunchtime today, I checked out the Faithwriter's website. They have set the number of entries at 180 as anything more than that is hard for the judges to read in the week. There were still a few spots left to fill, and it was the last challenge of the year's quarter so I donned on my thinking cap and came up with a poem. I made the deadline with about 20 minutes to go. There wasn't really time to tweak - but here is a more polished up version. I think it is still in a state of flux. There are one or two lines that still need to be tightened up - but I like it.

Behind a Locked Door

We hide behind a door that’s locked
Our hearts pursued by fear
Is this our fate - to die like Him?
The One we held so dear?

Our ears attuned to catch the sound
Of steps upon the stair
Our enemy with sharpened sword
Is surely standing there.

All at once the room is filled
With white and radiant light
Our Master stands before us now
A most amazing sight

“Be still, fear not,” His gentle words
He speaks as we bow low
“My peace I give to you my friends”
And joy begins to grow

His hands, his side, to us he shows
The wounds He did endure
He draws us close, and asks we touch
To know Him and be sure

How could this be, that He is here?
This man that we adored
The empty tomb, it was no lie
To us He’s been restored

And yet not man, but God divine
Who else could cheat the grave?
He took our debts and shameful deeds
And all our sins forgave

Faith explodes and life anew
In empty hearts is poured
Fear no longer ties us down
Love-loosed spirits soared

We stand beside an open door
Our lips a message bear:-
That resurrection power is ours
Our transformed lives declare

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