Monday, May 02, 2005

White is the new red

A couple of weeks ago, the sight of my red card caused hysterics in the gym. If they had looked at the dates they would have had a double dose of hysterics - but just the colour red was enough for them to laugh.

It appears that the red cards are out of fashion. White is the new red! When dragging my red card out of the drawer this morning - incidentally it is very easy to find a red card among all the white ones! - this woman behind the reception desk said something along the lines of "Oh, my! We haven't been here for a while have we?" My snappish reply was "Actually - WE have been coming very regularly for four weeks - look at the dates!" She then went into a sales pitch of explaining that red cards are out and have been for a while and white cards are in!

It wasn't just the cards that had changed. The whole thinking behind how best to tone yourself up and smooth your lines had also changed. Gone was the mechanical pumping away on the bikes and the treadmill and in was pushing and pulling weights about! Apparently the bikes and treadmills are fine while you are on them but once you finish, the metabolic rate just drops right back to normal. That tells you that I listened carefully. I got "inducted" by a hunky Australian - the change over was worth it just for that!

So my red card was confiscated and a new sparkling white one - which gives the erroneous impression that I just joined this morning - has been issued in its place. I now get to lift weights. It takes a lot less time than all the cycling and walking, but makes me sweat harder.

With the children arriving later today, and my new identity as "foster mum" coming into force, I might not get to play with the weights that often.

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