Sunday, May 22, 2005

The Amish at Edington Road

Saturday was all planned out - a shedbuilding, BBQ and Eurovision Song Contest weekend. We had invited everyone we knew to bring their hammers and saws, their burgers and hotdogs and their Eurovivion Song Contest Scoresheet!

The shed wasn't going to be delivered unitl early evening, so one family made thier excuses and stayed at home. Another family turned up anyway ready to do whatever was needed. Joe had disappeared for a meeting with Fergus Ewing to discuss union stuff. He had a bit of "Joe time" afterwards.

I didn't know whether to tell Cliff and Michelle to go home - no shed, no Joe and no BBQ either, as it was still in Marks' shed from the last church BBQ. But Joe and the shed turned up almost in perfect synchronisation. It had been built to order and came in five bits - the four walls and the roof. It was like playing with giant lego, slotting the bits together - but not without a hitch and the next door nieghbour stepping in to save the day.

Joe got badly injured. We were carrying flagstones from the car to rest the shed on when Joe slipped. He hurt his knee, and his hand and he cut his eye and he broke his glasses (and Celtic have just broken his heart by loosing to Motherwell in a SPL league decider. They needed to win as Ranger was hot on thier heels. The Sons of Darkness won thier match - the pits!)

The next door neighbour, Ralf came to the rescue, leaping over the wall, with the dog following behind him. Between us we managed to get Joe on to his feet and nop up his injuries.

The shed was fitted together in real Amish style! The girls held the spirit level, everyone held up the sides until they got nailied inot placee. It was excellent and all it needs is a few layers of paint and preservative.

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