Monday, May 09, 2005

Nit nightmare

Here's a question to ponder? What would you rather do - go to music practice or say at home and have a nit comb dragged through your hair? Or how about this one what would you rather do - teach a class of unruly third years or have a nit comb dragged through your hair? Or what about what would you rather do - sit down and write first year reports or have a nit comb dragged through your hair?

The nit comb will always be the last choice but that was what I did tonight! Shannon and Patrick were away for the weekend staying with Alyson and Tony. Alyson informed me that Shannon had nits! So I bought a nit comb and a bottle of smelly nit lotion.

Dragging the comb through Shannon's hair we managed to catch seventeen full-grown creepies. It was a sore business, so to comfort her I offered to let her return the complement! No full grown creepies on my head but she seemed to think there were one or two eggs - I think they might have been dandruff myself, but just in case I smothered my scalp in the smelly stuff!

Shannon is a real tactile person who loves to snuggle up close to folk. Just how far do creepies jump? It has got to be a long time since I last had nits. No matter how much people tell you it is not a dirty hair thing, it doesn't stop you feeling that it's a dirty hair thing.

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